Iten - Women - Somali (Black Sole)

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  • Mid-foot landing: 4mm heel to toe drop.
  • Extra Grip: Increased rubber coverage under the arch
  • Maximum impact absorption:18mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Lightweight: Just 8.7oz in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.

This collection was inspired by Kenya’s magnificent birds.

The Somali Ostrich (Struthio molybdophanes) is found in Northern Kenya and by its size, is an unmistakable bird. We adopted the black and white hues of the male Somali Ostrich’s feathers to make this collection.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
James Green
I love Enda

These were the third pair of shoes I bought from Enda!

Valerie Francis
White Sneakers of his Dreams

He thought that the Mau Mau he read about in his youth sent the sneakers. He had been feeling ill and he suddenly had a great turn around. They fit his size 10 feet perfectly. It was an exchange for leather shoes the vegan was wearing since the other shoes were gifts. I just hope that I can get him to where them with socks so that they stay fresh. He does not have the budget for a dry cleaners that does sneakers. I think that sneaker care option of would be extravagant no matter how much super-dad loves the new footwear.

Poor quality

I recieved these shoes in late September and already the sole is coming unglued by early November. I was very disappointed as I really love these shoes but the quality was poor. Maybe I received a defective pair? But Enda has not responded to my messages concerning the problem.

Reginald Henderson

The Secretary Bird is light weight and comfortable. I really like the shoe thus far in my work outs.

Marcus Flores
Light, excellent running shoe

I loved my experience with the Koobi Fora pair, so I wanted to try out the Iten. I was not disappointed! The Iten shoe had a lighter feel and was very comfortable, especially as I did pick ups and intervals. Not to mention the secretary bird color scheme looked very fresh. Would definitely recommend!