Run like a Kenyan


Kenya's North Rift Valley has produced generations of the world's greatest distance runners. Runners from around the world flock to these dirt roads to train with the great Kenyan masters. They come to breathe the thin air, eat the simple meals, and train together so that they might reach their full potential.

We want to bring this experience of community and exceptional training to runners around the world.

The first step, is to find a friend. Running Kenyan means running together. The first and most important thing you can do to improve your training is to find a friend to run with regularly. Lift each other up. Challenge each other. And go farther and faster together.

Second, making sure you’re varying your training. To reach new personal bests, you’ll need to run a mix of easy runs, speed work, and long runs. We’ve built our shoes specifically to match different types of workouts, so you have exactly the right shoe on your foot to make the most of each run.

Start by choosing the right shoe

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1 Week of Running Kenyan

For most of us, a few easy runs and 1 long run will be a week full of running. But if you’re building up for a race or generally want to get as fit as possible, it’s worth taking a look at how Kenyan athletes train.

No matter where you go in Kenya, training groups follow similar plans down to the day.

Here's what it looks like:

Monday Easy Run
Tuesday Speed Work
Wednesday Easy Day or Hills
Thursday Speed Work
Friday Easy Run
Saturday Long Run
Sunday Rest

Some runners can rearrange their workouts, like moving the long runs from Saturdays to Thursdays and doing their speed workouts on Saturdays. It’s also important to allow some flexibility to allow for a mock race, fun run, or respond to how your body is feeling. However you choose to put together your week, just make sure you’re wearing the right shoe to make the most of each run.

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