Enda champion's meaningful progress in people’s lives through making high-quality shoes, gear and goods that celebrate Kenyan running heritage.

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Product Features


Designed to promote a midfoot strike. This strike is most prominent in many Kenyan Athletes and is said to be the most efficient form of running.

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Engineered upper materials that are lighter, more breathable, and yet more durable make our shoes lightweight, for a lighter and faster performance.

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Cushion runs from the bottom of the outsole through the insole. A pocket of soft foam runs from the ball of the foot to the heel to give you more comfort.

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We exist to make a difference.

Social Impact

2% of the purchase price of each pair of shoes goes towards social good initiatives in Kenya.

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Made in Kenya

Our products honour Kenya's running history. We aim to create jobs in Enda and the local supply chain.

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The most socially conscious running shoes in the world.

We are B corp certified

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