Tread Tech - Mid-foot strike

From the photo of your tread, it looks like your stride is good. Most of the wear is exactly where it should be if you’re running with a neutral landing midfoot strike.

 This strike is most prominent in many Kenyan Athletes and is said to be the most efficient form of running. Here is what Coach Albert has to say about the midfoot strike and some tips on how you can get better at it.

Given that nothing looks off, the next steps we would recommend are:

  • keep practising good form and keep 
  • get on out there and enjoy some more runs with friends!

For number one, the two most important things you can do are:

Foot-strengthening exercises.

Coach Albert shows a great set of exercises in the video above. You could do these before or after your run, or indeed another time during the day if you prefer. Ideally, you should start doing these exercises for about 4-5 minutes daily.


Hopefully, you’re stretching for 5-10 minutes after each run already, but if you’re not, make sure to start.

The midfoot strike is the most effective form of running so keep it up. We encourage you to also try the foot exercises as advised by coach Albert plus the stretching to keep your game up and enjoy your runs more.