Social Impact


1. Economic Development

Creating jobs is just a start. By building new products that have never been made in Kenya, we aim to create better jobs both in Enda and in the local supply chain. Jobs that demand skills and result in higher wages. We measure this by the amount of our costs that got to wages in Kenya. 

Ksh. 25,087,482.63

Paid to workers in Kenya

2. Supporting local communities

A portion of the purchase price of each pair of shoes goes towards social good initiatives in Kenya, we call it Enda Community Foundation. We work with a panel of experts to find projects where we can have the most impact for people who could use the most help. In the spirit of Harambee, we then engage with our global community of Enda runners to decide which projects to support. Learn More.

596 Global Community participants

Ksh. 447,600 in support

3. Changing the way the world sees Kenya

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