Enda Foundation

Welcome to the Enda Foundation!

At Enda, we believe that sports have the power to transform lives. That's why we created the Enda Foundation, a give-back program that invests in organizations in Kenya that use sports to empower women, youth, and people with disabilities.


What is the Enda Foundation?

The Enda Foundation is the charitable arm of Enda Athletic Inc, a Kenyan-based running shoe company. We are committed to using our platform to give back to our community and create positive change through sports.


How does the Enda Foundation work?

Every year, Enda Athletic Inc donates 2% of its total revenue to the Enda Foundation. These funds are then used to support sports organizations throughout Kenya that share our mission of empowering women, youth, and people with disabilities.

The Enda Foundation carefully selects and partners with organizations that use sports to promote equality, education, and inclusion. We also provide support to these organizations through events, fundraising campaigns, and volunteer opportunities.


What impact has the Enda Foundation had?

Since our founding in 2018, the Enda Foundation has supported a number of incredible organizations throughout Kenya. Here are a few of them:


Grant Beneficiaries:

2021 Winner: Moving The Goalposts

 Location: County-Kilifi county

Moving the Goalposts (MTG) is a sport for a development organization founded in 2002 in Kilifi, in the rural Coast Province of Kenya. MTG engages girls in football (soccer) and uses the sport as a tool to help disadvantaged girls and young women to become leaders and create better futures for themselves. 

The girls receive training and leadership opportunities to organize and run football activities, peer education programs on sexual and reproductive health, women’s rights and economic empowerment. MTG provides pathways and resources for girls to continue in education, vocational training and find income-generating activities or employment, including opportunities within the organization.

Read the update on activities done by MTG with the grant received here

If you'd like to donate you can do so here. 

2020 : Athletes Grant 

In 2020, COVID pandemic intensified and affected athletic activities, so we did something different. The Enda Community chose to help athletes directly who had been heavily impacted by Covid 19 due to cancelled sporting events.  As a  result, 5 athletes received unrestricted funding to help with identified needs such as paying overdue rent, paying school fees, improving their nutrition to be better placed to compete; keeping livestock as an additional source of revenue and paying for health insurance.

2019 Winner: Cross World Africa

 Location: Iten-Uasin Gishu County

"The Enda foundation funding will help support our livestock project known as the Cow, Goats and Chicken project. Our village elders identify disabled and widowed women in need from our communities and we donate cows and goats to them." Evelyn Rotich, country director for Cross World Africa.

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2018 Winner: Hoops for Kids

Location: Nairobi County

"Hoops for kids program receives 50 – 80 kids per week. This is less the number of family members, siblings and friends who are also connected indirectly to the program through them. This funding has helped us push the program. We have sorted out little needs like getting sports bras for girls, organizing training from FIBA certified coaches, we got enough basketballs, first-aid kit boxes and child-friendly hoops." Paul Swagi, program coordinator, Hoops for Kids.

    But our impact goes beyond just financial support. We've also provided mentorship, training, and other resources to the organizations we support, helping them to grow and maximize their impact.


    How can you get involved with the Enda Foundation?

    There are many ways to support the Enda Foundation! You can support our mission by purchasing Enda Athletic shoes, knowing that 2% of your purchase will be donated to a worthy cause. 

    You can donate directly to ENDA Foundation, donate to our partner organizations, or volunteer with one of our partner organizations.

    Thank you for your interest in the Enda Foundation! Together, we can create a world where sports and empowerment go hand in hand. If you wish to partner with the Enda foundation or want to provide feedback, please contact us here