Koobi Fora - Men - Flamingo (Pink Sole) FINAL SALE

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  • Flexible ballistic fabric rock plate
  • Water-resistant upper
  • Mid-foot landing: 4mm heel to toe drop.
  • Maximum impact absorption: 18mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Lightweight: Just 9.7oz (275 g) in a US Men's 9 (EU 42) or US Women's 10.5 (EU 42)

The Koobi Fora is a nimble trail shoe that allows you to dance over any terrain. 

The Koobi Fora has a water resistant shield over the front of the foot and a quick-drying ariaprene-fabric booty that hugs your foot around the heel. So if you run through wet grass or splash through a puddle, you’ll stay dry but if you dunk your whole foot in a river, it will dry quickly.

Your shoes may be perfect or you might see some slight creasing on the upper, that is why we are selling them at a final discount.

    For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    A great shoe

    I normally have problems with shin splits when I run. I wear my Nike Runners or Adidas ColdRdy ultraboost, and both give me that issue. These thankfully do not and is a joy to wear. It is true to size, I wear 10.5 men’s and that was perfect.

    damien cox
    Beautiful and comfortable

    Lovely sneakers the fit, the comfort is perfect..I'm in love with them..I can't wait until you make a semi Hightower running shoe

    Not a runner, but I LOVE these shoes!!!

    Full disclosure: although I am athletic, I am not a runner, so my review can't really address the running-specific features of the shoes. But I have played basketball in them and they were very comfortable! They feel like they would be great for anything athletic, I plan to use them a lot as light hiking shoes. They are very supportive and comfortable, and I love the fact that they are water resistant. And the styling! They don't look like any other shoes, they are distinctive and have their own identity. They seem like they were not modeled after anything else, they feel like they were designed from the ground up. I love the ethics of the company, which is what led me to buy the shoes (as well as the color- I love the boldness of the flamingo pink!). I love that they don't include a lot of packaging as well, instead of a box the shoes come in a reusable drawstring sports bag. I mean, there was a shipping box (there has to be), but no product box inside that. I was absolutely thrilled by the quality when I put them on, I anticipate that they will last me a long time. I will be buying more shoes from Enda in the future for sure! I will be on the lookout for athletic wear from them also, I love their bold colors and styles!!!

    Michael Baufeld

    Thank you!

    Jim Crants
    I like them better than I did at first

    From November 17, 2022:

    Now that winter has arrived in Minnesota, I've been able to use my Koobi Foras for the purpose for which I bought them, and they've been great for that. As I'd hoped, their tendency to run hot helps a lot when it's below freezing outside. The soles work great on snow and slush, where their grip is terrific. They're terrible on ice, but so are most running shoes, in my experience, and that's what Yaktrax are for. The shoes don't feel as heavy in the cold as they did in the summer heat. "Run Kenyan" is also a fun mantra to chant when you're running through a snowstorm.

    In these conditions, the main complaint I had about them in August that still holds in November is that I really need a stability shoe, and these are neutral. The snow hides imperfections in the path, and if I step on an uneven spot, the Koobi Foras just let my ankles roll where they will, where something with a wider, flatter base might help me out a little more. But no points off for that, because it's not like they're advertised as a stability shoe.

    I'm still only up to 43 miles in these shoes, but I can see myself using them much more frequently in the coming months. I did 6.5 miles in them this morning, and I was actually glad I was wearing them instead of something else. I would give them four stars today.

    From August 30, 2022:

    I've put 13 miles on these so far in 4 runs, and they remain my least favorite shoes currently in rotation. However, I do keep them in rotation because I think they're valuable in enforcing good running form.

    For context, my favorite shoes in rotation are my Brooks Launch GTS 8: light, stable, fairly well-cushioned. The Enda Koobi Foras, in contrast, feel heavy (though the numbers don't look bad), with limited stability and cushioning. A run in the Koobi Foras always feels longer than a run in any of my other shoes because my body has to work so much harder to stay stable and absorb shock.

    And that's where I see the value in keeping them in rotation. I've found that I can still enjoy the run, as long as I maintain good form. If I start overstriding or slouching or something, things quickly start getting uncomfortable, and that's a good incentive to fix my form. I don't know if I'll ever use these for long or fast runs, but I'll probably keep taking them on short runs at an easy pace just for that running form discipline.

    Regarding other complaints I've seen about these: They do start out uncomfortably narrow around the forefoot, but I found that this issue simply disappeared on my second run. I've found that the short tongue isn't an issue if I use a runner's knot. They DO run warm, to the point where it gets uncomfortable at air temperatures of 80F or above. To me, that's fine, since I bought them with the idea that they might be good for winter running here in Minnesota.

    They have really good traction on the dirt paths and asphalt roads I've been using them on. I have no idea how they do on sand, gravel, and rocks.

    In short, if these had been available at my local running store, I would never have bought them because they're not what I look for in a running shoe. If you want trail shoes that feel almost minimalist while still protecting your feet, though, these might be for you.

    Three stars.