Tread Tech - Imbalanced Running

For imbalanced running, one gets to wear the right and left shoes unevenly. This can be indicative of any number of issues: always running on one side of a crowned road, a lingering injury, one leg being longer than the other, overstriding on one side, or many other small things that can add up over the course of a run. 

Here is what Coach Albert has to say about Imbalanced running.

We can recommend some workouts and stretching to help you build strength and balance. But our main recommendation is you book a session with a running coach near you who can take a look at your stride and see if there are any issues that might lead to injury in the long run.

Might be nothing, but better safe than sorry.

Regardless of the cause of the different wear patterns between your two feet, you might find it helpful to build some foot strength and make sure that you’re staying limber. So in addition to going to a running coach, we would recommend you:

1) Start doing foot strengthening exercises.

Coach Albert shows a great set of exercises in the video above. You could do these before or after your run, or indeed another time during the day if you prefer. Ideally, you should start doing these exercises for about 4-5 minutes daily.

2) Stretch.

Hopefully, you’re stretching for 5-10 minutes after each run already, but if you’re not, make sure to start. If you end up adjusting your stride to get balanced, you’ll be using different muscles and tendons, and they will tighten up.


We insist on getting a personal coach to check your stride and gait and we hope that on top of the above tips, you will be a better runner with time. Let us know what you think.