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Kenya's North Rift Valley has produced generations of the world's greatest distance runners. There is no greater concentration of athletic excellence for any sport anywhere.

One of the key lesson we can all learn from the Kenyan greats is to always vary our training. That is why we have built different types of shoes for different types of runs:

Enda Lapatet : Best-in-class daily trainer

An obvious choice any day. The Lapatet is purpose-built for the bulk of weekly runs and easy weekend long runs.


Enda Iten (Updated) : The perfect workout shoe. Kick the tempo

The Iten is a perfect workout shoe for speed work days and cross-training.

New Iten upgrades:



(NEW)The Koobi Fora: The trail shoe evolved. 

The Koobi Fora is a nimble trail shoe that allows you to dance over any terrain.


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