Why we changed our logo

Before we ever made a shoe, we asked the Enda community what direction we should go with our logo. Each of the options included the same wordmark paired with different symbols.

Enda logo iterations

Enda logos previously subjected to vote.

Our original logo was the winner, our name in all caps “ENDA” with the spear coming in underneath. Number 2 above.

From that moment on, we’ve loved the spear. It brings a touch of Kenya and conveys motion, pride, and honor.

But the wordmark was never quite right. It was bold but not distinct. It seemed to convey ambition over impact. Competition over the community. And it felt like the spear was a weapon attacking the word Enda.

We wanted something that felt like it conveyed our commitment to honesty, impact, and community. And something that made the spear a badge of pride, the Order of the Burning Spear is like a knighthood in Kenya, rather than a weapon.

So we’ve redesigned our logo with a new wordmark.

New enda logo

The new Enda logo

In our new logo, Enda is italicized to still be in motion, but with more rounded edges and lowercase for a less aggressive feeling. It’s also distinct, with the “d” angled to match the spear and the bottom right corners of the letters form 254 degree angles.

Rather than having our name being hit by the spear, it is under the spear moving with it to the right.

The spear on the logo denotes a sense of motion and direction. Its straight and swift appearance denote forward progression. It is an illustration to go (enda), run, explore, discover, and rediscover. To be distinct.

Here's Navalayo, our CEO, explaining what the change means for her:

We believe running should be all about being you on track, trail, or wherever you choose to go. It is not about the first prize or even the finish line, but the joy of going.

Of course, not worrying about gimmicks, knowing you’re making the world a better place, and running together with friends should help add to that joy.

We are deeply grateful for your feedback that has continuously been helpful in shaping our connection with you, and understanding just how the Enda brand is being seen. Hopefully, this little change makes our values and message all the clearer.