Why Juneteenth Matters Globally

Photo credits : Brian Musasia,@msale_(IG)

There are lots of injustices, racism, and violence that continue to plague our societies.  We’ve come a long way though since 1865 in Galveston, Texas, when a group of enslaved people learned about their freedom years after Lincoln’s proclamation to end slavery. When looking at the world around us, it is easy to feel helpless and hopeless. That’s why it is important that we celebrate Juneteenth, a moment for progress.

As part of our commemoration of Juneteenth last year, we noted that this day marks progress,and the honor and significance of this day ought to go beyond the US. In Kenya, we recognize and honor this unfinished work of ending oppression and colonial injustice on Jamhuri day. These days aren’t just celebrations of change. They are moments when we should recommit ourselves to the r actions everywhere in the world. 

Because American culture and politics is so influential around the world, the commemoration of Juneteenth as an American holiday is a global statement that justice and progress matter. 

However little, however less powerful you may feel you are, we continue to urge you to take action. Joining and supporting works of justice is part of that action. Every little bit of action counts.  

As a company, we exist to increase fairness, justice, and equality in the world. If you’re a member of the Enda Community, we strongly feel you’ll also feel at home supporting an non-profit organisation campaigning daily on issues of injustice. So here is our recommendation: In the US maybe consider supporting Color of Change. In Kenya, Amnesty International is one of the loudest voices against injustice.  

Happy Juneteenth. Onward to greater justice.