What's Kenyan About Enda's Latest Trail Running Shoes -Koobi Fora

Koobi Fora. Photo credits: Deming Yang, Leakey foundation

Koobi Fora is a place in northern Kenya, on the shores of Lake Turkana, where our human ancestors evolved to be a bipedal species. It’s where we became runners. Actually, over a million years ago, we were born to run. Every fossil evidence and our unique features seem to point to that very fact.

Here you see 1470 and an image of a skull, in reference to the fossil of Homo rudolfensis from 2 million years ago.

And inside, is an image of one of the 1.5 million year old Homo erectus footprints found at Ileret.
On the back heel, we put the shield and spears from the Kenyan flag.
On the side, we have 12 lines, in reference to Jamhuri Day, Kenya’s independence day on 12 December.

And on the sole, like on every one of our shoes, is the word Harambee, meaning “we all pull together”. It’s the national motto of Kenya and spirit we want to share with every runner, and we hope you join us!