Running and Planting Trees in June - #EndaTreeRun

We are extending Global Running Day further into the month of June. We’re trying to make it a whole Global Running Month.

Since the spirit of Global Running Day is more than just the health benefits of running, we are doing a bit more than running too. For every one who goes out and runs and then challenges their friends to run, Enda will be planting a tree. 

Here is how to join the #EndaTreeRun campaign in two simple steps-

  1. Step out for a run, and post a video of your run.
  2. In the video, challenge 3 friends by nominating them to also go out for a run. For every person taking part, we’ll plant 1 tree in Kenya.

Remember to use the hashtag #EndaTreeRun to make sure your tree gets planted

The #EndaTreeRun is all about stepping out and improving our wellbeing -body and mind. Of course you can, but you do not have to run a marathon. If you need some inspiration, below is a bit about the campaign from the Enda Team in the first week of June.

To plant the trees, we have partnered with Trees for Kenya. Trees for Kenya partners with community forest associations in Kenya and the Kenya Forest service to identify and plant trees on degraded forest lands in need of reforestation.

Trees for Kenya

Photo credits :TreesforKenya

Feeling all set and ready? Time to grab some running shoes and step out to challenge yourself, and friends to get their legs moving, and trees planted. Make sure to have all the fun out there - #Twendepamoja!