Restore Our Earth Everyday

Enda Kenyan Running Shoes Climate Neutral

Two years ago, we became the first African brand to get climate neutral certification. This followed measuring and offsetting our entire carbon print in since 2019. A process that also involved putting in place a reduction action plan for the subsequent years. Since 2019, we've generated and offset emissions totaling 179 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s an equivalent of 21,774,037 mobile phones charged or 20,147 gallons of gasoline consumed.

But why are we doing this?

Waterfall in Mt. Kenya

As with everyone’s election vote, we want to constantly encourage everyone to recognize the power of their purchasing “vote.” How we all decide to exercise this vote has a direct impact on how we want the world to be. It is the vote that helps determine what products should exist and how operations that bring those products to life should happen.

We are on a mission to increase fairness, justice and equality in the world. It is the reason we are making running shoes in Kenya, and creating economic opportunity for workers and their families. It is also why we are a public benefit company and certified B-Corp. While taking these voluntary actions, we want to constantly explore and raise our social and environmental sustainability bar each day.

Every company displaying the Climate Neutral Certified label has taken the same steps to address climate pollution. We hope you join us by urging other companies to take the same immediate and voluntary action. Let’s continue championing change for the world we want together. Everyday is #Earthday!