New Iten and Updated Enda Lapatet

New Itens + Improved Lapatet
Our newest styles in colors inspired by the birds of East Africa!

Now Live! 

 Thank you for your amazing support of Enda! Today, we have just launched our New & Improved Iten & Lapatet styles, both are now Live.

Enda Itens in action

Meet the New Enda Itens :

We upgraded the Itens to an engineered mesh upper free of bulky overlays, making Itens the perfect workout shoe for speed work days and cross-training. Check them out here

Iten WhitesmokeSecretary Iten

Somali O ItenIten

More Lapatet Colorways: 

Secretary LapatetSecretary Lapatet

Make Sure To Grab Your Favorite Before They're Gone!

Delays of raw materials and supply chain challenges due to COVID-19 mean we’ve been waiting for our inventory to arrive at our warehouse for it’s final journey to you. Glad they are now available for immediate delivery.


We usually sell out of new limited edition colors quickly and many of you have asked for pre-orders for that reason. 

For the first time ever, we have launched the complete collection (some items on pre-order) at one time so you can choose to buy your favorite color.

Pre-orders colorways are expected to ship at the end of November.

If you happen to grab some items still on pre-order, please note we will ship those from the last week of October.

We are forever grateful for your continued support of our mission as we make shoes here in Kenya. Thanks for constantly helping us grow our social impact locally even as we offer the world's most sustainable shoes globally.

Thank you for your support, and for the spirit of Harambee! (Ha-rom-bay)

Kenya’s official motto means “Let’s pull together” is used for moments when we come together as a community to accomplish things  we couldn’t possibly do alone.