Our trainer collection inspired by East Africa’s Secretary Bird

The Secretary birds are commonly spotted in the open Savanna grasslands. With a broadly black and white plumage, their unique crest tipped with black feathers makes them stand out.

Enda Kenyan Running Shoe Secretary Bird Collection

The Secretary birds are listed as endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list. Their presence has been adversely affected by deforestation. With deforestation, Secretary birds have continuously lost a place to live as their habitats are taken away by the day. That is why this Black Friday, we are rallying you and every friend to join us protect the Secretary birds by making a donation purchase for them.

Fan fact: While Secretary birds are not flightless, they enjoy hunting for food on foot. The Secretary bird collection only includes the Itens and the Lapatets :

The Enda Iten Secretary Bird collection:

For speedwork and cross-training, the Iten colorways making up the Secretary bird collection includes.

Secretary Bird White and Black

Enda Iten Secretary Bird White & Black Cross Trainer Shoe

Secretary Bird WhiteSmoke

Enda Iten Secretary Bird Whitesmoke Cross Trainer Shoe

Checkout (limited edition): the Secretary bird Iten men’s collection and the Secretary bird Iten women’s collection.

The Enda Lapatet Secretary Bird collection:

Just like the Secretary bird whose preference is to spend time on foot, for the bulk of your weekly runs, our Secretary bird Lapatet collection colorways includes:

Secretary Bird Double Grey

Enda Lapatet Secretary Bird Double Grey Daily Trainer Shoe

Secretary Bird Grey 

Enda Lapatet Secretary Bird Grey Daily Trainer Shoe

Check out (limited edition): the Secretary bird Lapatet men’s collection and the Secretary bird Lapatet women’s collection.