Lapatet colors for late 2020

Back in February 2020, which feels like a lifetime ago, we asked the Enda Community for input on colorways for the next round of Lapatets. Here is the set we asked for feedback on:

Some inspirations for Lapatet Colorways

Here is what you told us:

  • You loved both black options - 3 & 5. The rainbow midsole on option 3 was the most common favorite, but also of the most common least favorites. So some people love it, some hate it.
  • Option 1 was a big winner. We thought we might see a bit of a gendered breakdown on this one, as most companies only make women’s shoes in colors like this. Women liked it, but men loved it. It was the overall most popular choice for men.
  • You liked the red and green of options 2 & 4 but some expressed that they felt too much like the original Iten colors.
  • Options 6, 7, & 8 didn’t get much love.

So we took all this feedback and kept working on the new colorways for later this year. In total there will be 8 different colorways, some with just subtle differences. Here is what inspires each of those colorways:

Bendera Black - the black of Kenya’s flag (bendera in Swahili) is for the people of Kenya. We’ve done Bendera Black on the Iten before, but now it’s coming to the Lapatet.

Black Rainbow Runner - There’s something magical about seeing a rainbow, we’re excited to give you that joy every time you look down at your feet.

Kambu - well have two colorways inspired by the Kambu, called the lilac breasted roler in English, which is the national bird of Kenya.

Batian - the highest peak of Mt Kenya rises to 5199m (17,057 feet). Wrapped in clouds it is a mysterious blue, grey, purple. But when the sun hits it, you see warm copper tones shine through.

Aberdares - the forested mountain range running up the center of Kenya is a haven for wildlife. We’ve tried to capture the rich velvety green of it’s dense forests as well as the many stunning waterfalls hidden among the trees.

We can’t wait to show you these new Lapatets as we launch them later this year!