How to use the Lapatet

We want to connect runners around the globe with Kenya’s running greatness, and making shoes built for Kenyan running are how we do it. 

For a long time, running shoes have been sold as if there were one type of shoe for each type of runner. But looking at the way Kenyan athletes use shoes as tools for training, this old 1 shoe per-runner doesn't make sense. Athletes train a mix of runs and need different tools for each training run. You don't want to use a sledge hammer when driving a nail. You need the right tool for the job.

But there is one type of shoe runners use more than any other: the daily trainer. It’s the category we run most of our mileage in. A trusty and sturdy beast designed to take us through KM after KM in comfort. It's not the fastest shoe in your closet, but it's one that gives you enough structure for a long run and comfort for the easy runs. That’s the Lapatet! 

If you're going out for an up-tempo workout, hill-reps, or trackworkout, then the Lapatet is likely not the right shoe. It's built for study comformt for when you're running at an easy pace, whether that's during the week or on your weekend long run

Nava and Coach Paul lay it all out in this video:

Here's how we build the Lapatet to be a great daily trainer:


In the list of considerations for a daily trainer, nothing beats comfort. The Lapatet has 24mm of soft high-rebound cushion under the forefoot and a plush knit upper. 

The bouncy cushioning under the midfoot rewards a natural midfoot strike, while firmer portions at the toe and heel as well as the full rubber outsole give just enough structure to help you stay in good form even late in a run when you’re getting tired. 

The result is a trainer truly built for midfoot landing running. Most trainers are designed with a softer or rounded heel crash pad to accommodate poor running form. But these shoes create a feedback loop that encourages overstriding and landing on your heel. This increases the impact of landing and wastes energy. So we built the Lapatet in a way that helps everyone run more Kenyan.


The Lapatet is a snugly fitting shoe with a sock-like knitted upper. The upper is structurally reinforced in different areas to ensure you are never slipping off through twists and turns. 

While other daily trainers are mostly designed for your feet to move in the shoe, Lapates are designed for your feet to move with the shoes and with just enough room for your toes to slightly wiggle. 

Running Kenyan

Having built the Lapatets off the feedback of Kenyan runners, we are not saying the Lapatets are magic. The Lapatets are just the tools to help you train and become a better version of yourself while modeling your running off the world’s greatest athletes. There is a lot to borrow from running a bit more Kenyan. It means consistent and varied training that yields among other things, an efficient, effortless, and faster ride. Looking at efficiency for instance, with just the right amount of cushioning, the Lapatets are designed to reward landing midfoot and rolling on the balls of your feet. 

We hope you are enjoying your Lapatets, or will be enjoying them soon when you get them on your feet.