Enda Athletic Inc Climate Neutral Certification

Nairobi, Kenya April 21st 2023 - Enda, Africa’s first performance footwear brand, is proud to announce it is officially Climate Neutral Certified. Enda joins the growing movement of companies achieving the Climate Neutral Certified standard by measuring its 2022 greenhouse gas emissions, taking action on reduction plans, and offsetting the brand footprint with eligible-verified credits.
Climate Neutral Certified is the leading consumer label for climate neutrality. It is earned by organizations that have chosen to be accountable for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production, operations, and shipping of their goods and services.
“We are thrilled that Enda has been certified as climate neutral for the third year in a row. This is a milestone that we are proud of and one that reaffirms our commitment to sustainability” says Enda Co-Founder and CEO Navalayo Osembo. “As a company, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword- it is a way of life. We believe that the future of the planet is in our hands, and at Enda, we are determined to make a positive impact every single day.”
“Climate Neutral Certified companies are demonstrating immediate action on climate change is possible and essential,” says Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. “Climate Neutral Certified brands have built a powerful movement that gives companies and consumers meaningful ways to act on climate—today. They are leading the way, taking immediate voluntary action to address their carbon emissions, and engaging their consumers around this important issue like never before.”
Climate Neutral’s certification builds on internationally recognized standards for carbon measurement and neutrality. All certified brands measure cradle-to-customer greenhouse gas emissions each year and commit to reduction action plans to cut future emissions within a 12-24 month timeline, reporting progress on those plans annually. Finally, certified brands must invest in eligible-verified carbon credits to compensate for all of their emissions, directing investment into critical projects that remove and avoid emissions.
Learn more about Climate Neutral and its community of certified brands at climateneutral.org.
Enda is Africa’s first performance running footwear brand. Enda was established in 2015 with elite Kenyan middle & long distance, creating high-quality shoes, gear and goods built sustainably and ethically. Our designs celebrate African culture and history, and aim to share the heart, consistency, and hard work of African athletes with the world.
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A 501(c)3 nonprofit, Climate Neutral leads a global movement of individuals and companies to eliminate carbon emissions. Our label, Climate Neutral Certified, is a trusted, independent standard for climate neutrality. It empowers consumers to find brands that are leading on immediate climate action. All companies that get certified must reduce and compensate for all of their emissions from making and delivering products and services. Climate Neutral works with over 400 companies and their label can be found on millions of products worldwide. Join us at climateneutral.org
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Maddie Jarrard, press@climateneutral.or