Colorful new performance cross training shoes - Samburu Itens

Enda Iten Samburu Cross Trainer Shoe
We have been teasing it for a while now and it's finally here! The Samburu Itens are inspired by the culture and the traditional outfit of Kenya’s Samburu community. Samburus are a Nilotic-speaking community from Northern Kenya. They are famous for their colorful and elaborate clothing accessorized with colorful beads.
To the Samburu, each color has a meaning.
Green for pasture,
Red for blood from their cattle (a symbol of wealth)
Yellow for harmony
Blue means water, and white for purity.
It is from this elaborate palette that we made the Iten Samburu.
Enda Iten Cross Trainer comfortable sneakers
Beyond the special color inspiration and lifestyle delight of the Samburu Itens, we still ensured they are great performance running shoes. They are built with an engineered mesh upper that is free of bulky overlays, making them more light, versatile, and perfect for speed workouts, gym days, and cross-training. Check out the limited edition Samburu sneakers and get yourself a pair.