Calling for Applicants: The Enda Community Wants to Support You

We are excited to launch our annual call for applications for Enda Community grants for 2021. You can apply here. This is a big moment for us each year, and it’s worth taking a look back at what the Enda Community grants are and how we come together as a community to make a difference.

One of the ways we make an impact is by connecting our community in supporting impactful work in Kenya. A portion of the purchase price of each pair of shoes goes towards social initiatives in Kenya, with the final decision on which project to support in the hands of you: the people who made a contribution by buying a pair of shoes.

Started in 2018, our first community grant went to the Hoops for Kids, using basketball to help children in Nairobi. In 2019, you chose to support Cross World Africa in their work to start a livestock ownership chain in Iten.

The year 2020, we did something different. The pandemic had an especially hard financial impact on athletes, as sporting activities were halted. Given the choice of a traditional round of grants, or doing direct support to athletes, the Enda Community chose to help athletes directly. As a result, 5 athletes received unrestricted funding to help with identified needs such as paying overdue rent, paying school fees, improving their nutrition to be better placed to compete; keeping chicken; paying for health insurance etc.

We have since reconnected with those 5 athletes through a short survey to gauge the level of impact of the grant, and to gather feedback on how we might have greater impact in the future. Most were able to settle their rent arrears and also cater to their dependents with the remaining funds. Like the case of Esther who was able to pay school fees for her daughter to finish her Kenya national examinations, her daughter went on to do well and attain a great grade, Priscilla on the other hand was able to buy a bull which she intends to sell at a later date for profit and was able to train consistently as she could afford transportation to the training ground.

Through this unique support to athletes facing economic hardships, we learnt a valuable life lesson that humanity comes first and that we should always consider the human element while thinking about the people who we support.

We would like to thank everyone in the Enda Community for their support and participation in this impact work. We are glad that we were able to create footprints in our communities especially during this difficult time.

We are optimistic about the future and the change that we can create as a global Enda Community.

In the spirit of harambee we are excited and are looking forward to presenting a few projects to the whole Enda Community so you can select who to support this year.

The Call for Applications for 2021 is now open.