Beatrice Chepkoech Speaks Out About Monaco

Beatrice Chepkoech to compete in Monaco

3000m world champion and record holder Beatrice Chepkeoch has confirmed to Enda that she will be honoring the Herculis EBS invite. There were reports that she may not compete in the Monaco Diamond league as she is not ready. However, Monaco is special for Beatrice, it is where she broke the 3000m steeplechase world record by clocking 8:44.32 in 2018. She will compete in the 5000m. Here’s the conversation we had with her about it?

World 3000m steeplechase record holder Beatrice Chepkoech after receiving SJAK StarTimes Sports personality award in 2018

 World 3000m steeplechase record holder Beatrice Chepkoech after receiving SJAK StarTimes Sports personality award in 2018  Photo/ Erick Baraza for SJAK

Enda: How have you been handling the COVID 19? What new thing have you been doing?

Beatrice: I have handled the epidemic by keeping myself and my mind busy by doing and assisting my parents with home chores and trying not to put my mind on competitions because we don’t know how long this pandemic is controlling the situation of each country.

Enda: How has your training been?

Beatrice: The pandemic changed my training in a way I couldn't imagine because I was preparing for the races early season with the indoor competition but unfortunately all was shut down due to it...For now, the training has been to try to keep my body fit and try not to add more weight.

Enda: You have been included in Monaco Diamond League, how do you feel?

Beatrice: It's an honor to be invited back to Monaco and I hope all goes well as to my plans and body fitness level.

Enda: Reading you are not ready for a race, will you not go to Monaco?

Beatrice: I shall travel to Monaco then from there we see how everything goes. 

Enda: How much does not being able to compete affect you and your training?

Beatrice: Without competition, it is hard to train well, because I was used to training then competing and all over sudden it's a pause thus making a halt to my training programs.

Enda: After Monaco, what next for the remainder of the year?

Beatrice: In the next 4months I hope we get a cure for the pandemic and wish for everything to be back to normal.

Enda: Lessons picked from 2020

Beatrice: Lessons from this year is that mental strength  is the key, how you handle each situation  at hand is the next step for new day to arise.