Lapatet - Women - Flamingo (White and Pink Sole)

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  • Mid-foot landing: 6mm heel to toe drop.
  • Extra cushioning: 24mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Lightweight: Just 8.8oz or 251 grams in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.

This collection was inspired by some of Kenya’s magnificent birds.

The Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) and Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) are characteristic pink birds found predominantly around Lake Nakuru in the Kenyan Great Rift Valley. We adapted the deep pink hue of the Lesser Flamingo, the light pink of the Greater Flamingo and the blue hues of Lake Nakuru to make this collection. 

The lake is abundant in algae, which the flamingos migrate to feed on. However, there are fewer greater and lesser flamingos to be found these days as Kenya’s lakes change with global warming.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Customer Reviews

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Dionisio Holmes
Support Africa for Africans

I bought the shoes about 3 weeks ago, I have worn the shoes several times and Love the design and look.
I find the quality is good however the fit fells Narrow, I'm hoping this will expand with time and more wear, Otherwise my rating would have been 5 Stars

Ian Thomas
Lapatet Old Model

I’m a huge fan of the older style Lapatet, they just work and I now have 8 pairs. I used them in a recent 24 hour with no issues. That said I did try the newer version of the Lapatet (Rainbow) in two different sizes and unfortunately they don’t fit.

Charles Brown
Another Great Pair of Enda's

I love the newest additional to my collection of Enda Lapatet's (my third pair)! My Secretary Bird shoe is fantastic! I love the design, look and comfortable fit that Enda gives you. Although they're great for running, they look and feel so good that I have mainly worn them as a casual wear shoe with sweats or jeans...the outer material/fabric is like no other running shoe on the market and the new seamless Waveknit upper has a great feel. I prefer wider toe box running shoes and Enda's give me some of that feel of allowing my toes to naturally splay somewhat and not feel forced into a narrow, pointed design toe box, which is not good for your feet. I also like the lower stack height of Enda's and lower (not zero) drop of the shoes. Finally, in general I like to support Enda as a company due to their commitment to giving back to local communities and their climate neutral initiatives. Keep doing the great work!

Zachary Laird
Nice, comfy but pink

It may have just been the color difference on my phone but these are more of a pink than a red. Not an issue for me since I will be back but just wanted to give a heads-up.

Love them

Super cute and comfy, I wanted a pair for a while, and now I finally got one. They even make me feel faster!