Run Like a Kenyan

Kenya's North Rift Valley has produced generations of the world's greatest distance runners. Runners from around the world flock to these dirt roads to train with the great Kenyan masters. They come to breathe the thin air, eat the simple meals, and train together so that they might reach their full potential. 

We want to bring this experience of community and exceptional training to runners around the world. We're starting with one exceptional running shoe: the Enda Iten.

Itens at Iten

We built the Iten to be a light weight trainer. We're not saying 'trainer' as a generic term for sports shoe. We worked with world class runners and veteran shoe makers, to build a shoes specifically for fast training runs.

Running like a Kenyan runner means having a varied set of runs throughout the week. There are days for long slow runs, but also shorter more intense workouts running up hills or at a faster pace on paved roads. Here’s how the Iten is built to help you make the most of those runs.

Toe Box

Your toes spread out, or splay, to help you absorb impact and help you balance. So we wanted to give a bit more room up front, but not leave you with extra room to slide around in the shoe. Gear Patrol’s review seems to indicate we got it just right:

“the toe box is roomy, but it’s not loose and splashy, which is how some shoes with too much room up front can feel.”

We also brought the toe box down so it’s vertically not too deep. When you flex your toes, the Iten will move with your foot.


At a mere 7.9 oz (224 grams) for a men’s US size 9 (UK 8), the Iten will never be a drag when you pick up the pace.

4mm Drop

Take off your shoes and run even just a bit, and you’ll find yourself landing on your mid-foot or forefoot. Having a big cushioned heel on your shoe can throw off this natural gait. So the Iten has only 4mm more cushioning in the heel than the forefoot (4mm drop), to help you land naturally.


Your foot is a powerful set of muscles and tendons. When training, you want a shoe that gives your foot a full range of motion so your arch, ankle, and toes can build the strength and endurance you need. The Iten does just that.

Midsole Cups Heel

Whenever you take a turn or run across an uneven surface (like the crown of a road), your foot wants to move laterally. Since the Iten’s midsole cups the foot, it keeps you locked into the shoe even on the sharpest of turns.

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