Enda Foundation - Call for Applications



Harambee” for Positive Social Impact!

Are you someone working hard to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized in their communities using sports?

Enda Athletic (“Enda”) is a social enterprise that is building the world’s best running shoes and driving development in Kenya. Enda maximizes positive impact in Kenya by building the local community and supporting people to achieve their capabilities. In pursuit of this, the Enda Foundation was created to connect the Enda running community to a channel that enables them to support social community projects in Kenya.

We welcome applications from local NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) who are implementing projects/programmes that use sports to work towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s including but not limited to SDGs 1,3,4,5 to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised in their communities. 

Three Priority Areas : Youth, Women and People with Disabilities

Any project that is either run by or impacts these groups is encouraged to apply. The Foundation funds operating grants, so organizations need not create special projects.

Grant size: Up to $10,000. Beneficiaries may range from 1-3 organizations.


  1. Registered as a Nonprofit, NGO or Community Based Organization in Kenya, operational for at least 1+ years.
  2. Focused on an issue that falls under one or more of Enda Foundations three pillars: Youth Engagement, Women Empowerment and people with Disabilities
  3. Implementing projects/programmes that use sports to work towards addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).
  4. Organizations that ensure that 90% of the applied for resources will reach the intended beneficiaries and less than 10% are spent on management, administration, fund-raising, salaries, etc.
  5. Organizations that implement far reaching projects rather than projects that benefit just a few individuals. We also look for projects that promote and implement viable, fair and sustainable solutions.
The foundation does not provide grants to those that
  1. Promote or support violence, aggression, prejudice or oppression or any infringement on human rights.
  2. Are involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals, including testing on animals for research or using animals for human gain, including the use of animals in entertainment.
  3. Force, coerce or exclude others based on religious or spiritual beliefs.
  4. Are connected to political parties, political rallies or otherwise partisan in their work.
  5. Are not making the effort to be environmentally responsible.

We want to show the side of Kenya, where entrepreneurship and social responsibility go hand in hand, and we are looking forward to receiving your application.

Does it sound like your project would be a good fit? 

Applications are open now until 18th November 2021!

How to apply

The process is super simple:

  • Check the eligibility criteria above
  • Complete the  Application Form and upload a budget and workplan overview as per template provided.

Download the application documents:

  • Enda Foundation Budget Template (Download and attach as part of your application)

For any questions or if your organization does not meet the eligibility criteria but you are still interested contact us on diana@endarunning.com