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Flamingo Itens are inspired by the alluring and charming Flamingos of Lake Nakuru in Kenya. Of the five species around the world, two are found in Kenya -the lesser and the greater Flamingos. The DeepPink color is spotted among the lesser flamingos while the greater flamingos do spot the LightPink color.

Now upgraded to an engineered mesh upper free of bulky overlays, the Enda Iten is a perfect workout shoe perfect for speed work days and cross-training.


  • 4mm heel to toe drop.
  • Increased rubber coverage under the arch for extra grip
  • 18mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Just 8.7oz in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.
  • A slightly wider than normal toe-box.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric De Wildt
Iten FLMingo 👍

I just purchased the Iten FLMingo. I was having the first generation of iten but I had to retire them after 1600km. I was waiting for the new version. And I'm very impressed with them. I like the wide toe box. Thanks Enda

Michael Dunn
Go Kenya!

I bought the Itens because I wanted to support a country that I spent two months in long ago, and loved it.
When I first put the Itens on they feel tight (I have a wide foot). After I get them laced up though they snug my feet and feel very comfortable. I have worn them all day on occasion and I barely realized I had them on. They are so light weight too. It is good to supply great people.

Karen Stebbins
Iten -Men - Secretary BRD

Great first impression. The iten has always had an above-average sole in terms of durability, but the construction of the upper was not on the same level, as far as attention to detail or durability. I have only ran 20 miles on the new iten, but my first impression is excellent. Outstanding quality on the upper; it feels like it will be much more durable. The outsole is still springy and responsive, and the shoe encourages a quick turnover and light step. It is a fun ride

Devin Robinson
They're amazing!

For some reason, this shoe curves along with my feet. Which is unique. I feel like my feet are being modeled and I like it, ha!

charles shoemaker

Truly love the Itens. The originals may still be my favorite though. Eventually would love to see additional colorways.