Lapatet - Men - Flamingo (Pink and LightSkyBlue Sole)

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This collection was inspired by some of Kenya’s magnificent birds.

The Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) and Lesser Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) are characteristic pink birds found predominantly around Lake Nakuru in the Kenyan Great Rift Valley. We adapted the deep pink hue of the Lesser Flamingo, the light pink of the Greater Flamingo, and the blue hues of Lake Nakuru to make this collection. 

The lake is abundant in algae, which the flamingos migrate to feed on. However, there are fewer greater and lesser flamingos to be found these days as Kenya’s lakes change with global warming.


  • Mid-foot landing: 6mm heel to toe drop.
  • Extra cushioning: 24mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Lightweight: Just 8.8oz or 251 grams in a Men's 8.5 or Women's 10.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Mellow

Okie in Nairobi where o

Susan Osembo

Lapatet - Men - Secretary Bird (Grey and Pink Sole)

Arthur D.
A spongey ride

RE. ENDA OVERALL… I’m proud to have received two pairs of Endas! They are well-made, tough, and designed for lightness and simplicity. These are forward-looking designs without all the plastic ‘technology’ that big companies have spent decades telling us is necessary for our feet. The bird-inspired colour combinations are a stroke of genius and look simply magnificent. Enda shoes are neither ‘maximalist’ nor ‘minimalist’ but sort of in between. So, how well is it working?

RE. LAPATET 2.0… I have been looking for a long-distance shoe and so far I have used these to run 24km over 4 runs around the sandy and stony roads of northern Dar es Salaam. According to Enda, the Lapatet 2.0 is designed for the foot to move with the shoe. The upper is a single piece of elasticated fabric, like a sock, and the laces are part of this (there is no tongue). While the laces compress the ‘sock’ over the top of the foot, they are not fully anchored to the sole, leaving the ‘sock’ to support the foot. The overall feeling is quite spongey. For me this design allows too much slipping and sliding within the toe box, creating friction under my toes. I have laced a ‘runner’s loop’ using the Kenyan flag tabs, but while this tightens the upper more, it has not reduced the friction. Ultimately I think I need a firmer, more secure ride for the longer distances. Keep going, Team Enda, Mungu awabariki!

Silvia Mancuso
Very profesional service

Excellent experience with the company. The size change was very correct.
We have maintained a perfect correspondence with the company. I recommend this purchase.

Anne Gachui
Enda Sport Shoes for women

The shoes are comfortable. I love them thus far. I only walk in them, I have not yet gone for a run.However,I wish they had more inner sole to increase comfortbility especially for someone who tends to be on their feet all day long.