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The Lapatet is a daily trainer designed for the bulk of your weekly mileage. Amply cushioned with a new sock-like full booty knit design upper, it is the obvious choice for easy runs and long runs. 

SPECIFICATIONS (Updated version):

  • 6mm heel to toe drop.
  • 24mm high-rebound EVA under the forefoot.
  • Now 8.8 oz in a size 41.
  • A slightly wider than normal toe-box.

For a majority of people, the Endas are true to size. 

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The Lapatet is a daily trainer, built for the bulk of your weekly milage. It's the perfect choice for easy runs, recovery runs, and long runs. 


 There's a soft pocket of high-rebound foam under the midfoot of the Lapatet, with firmer wedges of foam at the heel and toe. Rewarding a natural midfoot strike.


Not as soft as your sofa, but dang the Lapatet is comfortable. Total stack height of 24mm under the forefoot.

Light weight

At 9.2oz (260 grams) in a size 41, the Lapatet is astonishingly light for such a cushioned and robust shoe. 

Cultural Elements

More than just a great running shoe, the Lapatet is covered with little bits of the Kenyan culture.

Flag Eyelets

3 of the 4 colors of Kenya's flag encircle the top lace eyelets. Black for the people, red for the blood spilled for independence, and green for the plant life of Kenya.

Great Rift Valley

Kenya's Great Rift Valley creates the perfect altitude and climate for training . We pay tribute to it with a topographical map down the center of the Lapatet.

Kanga & Kikoi

We took patterns from two traditional Swahili fabrics and brought them to the tongue tag and pull tab.

The Name: Lapatet

Lapatet means running in some Kalenjin languages, a tribe in Kenya from which most of Kenya’s great runners come from. It’s how most Kenyan athletes say running.

The Waves

Inspiration for the Lapatet came from Kenya's natural features. Specifically, the waves we see when the wind blows over the Indian Ocean, the grasses of the savanna, and the clouds in the sky.

The Colors

The launch colorways were Angani Grey for the sky just before a storm, Watamu Blue for the Indian Ocean from the little town of Watamu, and Mara Gold for the rich yellow of the grass on the savannah.

Better For the world

Social impact

As we celebrate Kenya’s athletic excellence with runners across the globe, we deliver economic empowerment in Kenya. Both in production and by giving back to the community. Learn more.

Climate neutral

We measure our carbon footprint, reduce it, and then offset what we can’t eliminate. Plus all our packaging is reused or reusable. Nothing to the waste bin. 

Vegan Friendly

Lapatets and Itens are made free of animal byproducts or materials and are not tested on animals. Though sometimes they seem eager to check them out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Robert Karanja
excellent build quality, light and sturdy

I love my Superb Starling shoe and had the pleasure of traveling halfway across the world to the United States with it recently and it was the most comfortable shoe ever. Almost everyone I met asked me about the shoes. They loved them.

Nicholas Zinzi
Great trail running/x-country shoe

Excellent shoe for dry or medium-wet trails, but I've used it on thick mud too and - at least when brand new - it faired well. Ankle/heel support is good. The shoe is certainly light and may not be particularly durable for heavier runners (this is stated by the manufacturer), but after a couple months of use I certainly recommend it, at least for distances up to 25 km. Perfect for non-continuous trails as the not-so-pronounced studs are comfortable on tarmac too. It even passed my test on sand and light snow!

Protasius Aluvilu
Lapatet - Men - FIMingo order from Nairobi (Kenya) to Swakopmund (Namibia)

Order made and arrived within 14days, from Kenya to Namibia. The Lapatet - Men - FlMingo trainers are even looking better in hand, with the Flamingo Pink and DeepSkyBlue colours transmitting a joyful mood. Great work Enda Team and thank you for the splendid product and service.

Joyce-Ann Wainaina
Great Christmas gift

Gave a pair of Lapatet Edna’s to my father as a Christmas gift, he was delighted!

Lynden Archer
Continue to be happy with Enda footwear

I was so pleased with my earlier Enda sneaker purchase that I made repeat purchases for my wife & daughter. They both give Enda high marks for product fit, style, and quality of feel. I give Enda customer service very high marks for on-time delivery of a replacement in time for Christmas. Again, very well done!

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