Kicks of the week - 29th July 2019

From old phones to new medals

Japan has taken sustainability challenge to a whole new level! The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will feature medals that have been made from recycled mobile phones collected from shops across Japan since 2017

The design of the companies was also gained through a public design competition where designer Junich Kawanichi’s designer took the day. Read on for what else is in store for us in next year’s Olympics.


Four runners challenge for Berlin Marathon

For the last decade, Kenyans have dominated the Berlin Marathon and broken world records while at it. Last year, Eliud Kipchoge, world’s fastest marathoner ran a spectacular race to finish in 2:01:39 but he will not be defending his title this year.

With Kipchoge out of the way, four world-class Ethiopian runners have set their eyes on breaking the Kenyan dominance in the autumn marathon. Check out AIMS to find out who these four athletes are and what their chances are at challenging the status quo in Berlin.

8 Lessons from one of the best.

If you were to have a seat with Shalane Flanagan, who is America’s best marathoner, what are some of the nuggets of wisdom you think she will tell you? My best runs has 8 of tips on what you need to achieve peak performance from her.

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