Kicks of the week - 24/06/2019

More Saudi women hitting the road

For many years, there has being a cultural ban on women in the Gulf region from participating in activities that may be termed as exclusive to males, for example, taking part in sports. Liberalization efforts in the conservative Saudi Arabian regime are however making progress as we see more women taking to the streets to run.

More and more running groups like the Jeddah Running Community are being formed to break cultural norms and encouraging women to get out and run.

Julia “Hurricane’s” 100m dash breaks US running record

103-year-old Julia Hawkins became the oldest woman to compete on an American Race track during the National Senior Games in New Mexico. She now holds the record her age group of 100-plus in the 100 metres race.

Julia began running at 100 years old. This shows that it’s never too late to get started. Sky news with her story.

Best trails for every runner

Whether you are a seasoned runner or are just getting started on this amazing sport, having a good trail with scenic views can be a major boost to your runs.

The Independent has compiled a list of some of the most inspiring places across the world you would want to visit on your next ‘run-dventure’. 

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