Kicks of the week - 05/08/2019

Moon Shoe - New World Record Set!

It’s done! The-1972-made Nike running shoes, Nike Waffle Shoe, are now the most expensive shoes ever auctioned. Canada’s entrepreneur Miles Nadal bought the only shoe that had not been worn among the collection of Nike Waffle racing flats.

He bought the shoes for $475,500 along with 100 of the rarest sneakers ever made that were being sold at Sotheby’s. Miles plans to display his collection at his private auto museum in Toronto.

CNBC with news on this new sneaker collector.

Allyson Felix gets new sponsors

Early this year Allyson Felix went public on Nike’s policy on women over maternity coverage. In the coped, she mentioned that Nike wanted to pay her 70% less after she gave birth to her daughter last November.

Well, the Olympic Sprinter and numerous gold medalist just got a new sponsor and no, it’s not any of the big names you may be thinking of.

The New York Times carries the story of her new sponsors.

121 years old and still running.

Making it past a hundred years is a feat in its own self. But, one man has even gone further to prove that you can run not just one but numerous marathons even after your Centenary birthday. 

Dharampal Singh says he was born on October 6th 1987. While he does not have an official birth certificate, he’s quick to prove his age using 3 forms of government issued ID. Despite his age, Dharam claims that he has run more marathons than he can remember and he’s not done yet.

According to Robert Young of the Gerontology Research Group, only about 1,000 people have been verified as living past 110. Of these people, only about 10 percent are male. Of these males, 0 percent could run a marathon.

FilmConvert has the story on Vimeo of Dharam who is possibly the oldest runner of any kind of running event

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