Kicks of the week - 13/05/2019

Iten receives IAAF heritage plaque

For ages, runners have flocked the home of champions, Iten to train with elite Kenyan athletes. Iten has also produced dozens of medalists and world’s best marathoners.

This tiny town in the western edge of the Rift Valley was finally recognised, among 11 other towns across the world, as a global heritage location this past weekend by the International Association of Athletics Federation(IAAF). The IAAF heritage plaque celebrates towns and locations important to global athletics history. Kenya’s nation media with more on this story.

Roller-coaster of Emotions in Yokohama for Kenya

The just completed world relays held in Yokohama Japan was an up and down emotional journey for Kenyans as they watched their sprinters take on other athletes on the track.

Kenya’s women 4*200m team (Eunice Kadogo, Millicent Ndoro, Joan Cherono and Freshia Mwangi) didn’t do too well when changing batons and the men’s squad over the same distance (Mark Odhiambo, Mike Mokamba, Samuel Chege and Alphas Kishoyian) finished fourth. The mixed 4*400m team ( Kipchumba Koech, Hellen Syombua, Nyatichi Thomas and Nyambweke Momanyi) finished at an impressive third after Japan and Australia who joined the ‘A’ finalists in qualifying for Doha.

Nation media with more on how the events spurn out on this new addition to IAAF’S competition bloc.

Not yet there for female athletes

It’s hard enough to be a woman but even harder to be a female athlete and want to have a family. While many sports and apparel companies churn out ads supporting women and calling for gender equality, many women under these brands struggle when it comes to issues that affect them as women.

From the recent rule by the Court of Administration for Sports (CAS) asking women with Differences in Sexual Development (DSDs) to take medication to lower their testosterone before races, to cases of female athletes having to lose their pay if they choose to take a maternity break, it’s evident that we still have a long way to go in matters of equality in sports.

Read on how female athletes, like Alysia Montano - US Olympic runner, face their greatest challenge, their sponsors, when they decide to become mothers in the New York Times.

Two female sprinters in Kenya dropped over testosterone levels

Hot on the heels of the recent rule by the Court of Administration for Sports(CAS) for women with elevated testosterone levels to take suppressive treatment before races, Athletics Kenya dropped two female athletes, Maxmilla Imali(100m) and Evangeline Makena(200m) from the team that was took part in the World Relays in Japan this past weekend.

With last week’s ruling, more female athletes will be set aside and frustrated for being who they are and trying to take their place in fields that are already challenging for women. It’s a wonder why bodies like Athletics Kenya are not standing up in support for their athletes against such discriminatory laws.

Nation media with more on Maxmilla and Evangeline’s story.

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