Kicks of the week - 03/06/2019

Global Relay: IAAF Run24-1

On the first Wednesday of June, the world celebrates running, the world’s most accessible sport. Starting last year, the IAAF began an event dubbed Run24-1 where runners in 24 cities, in 24 different time zones across the world run their first mile in 24 hours.

This week-long event is in a bid to inspire and motivate people of all ages to get moving and run their first mile. This year’s Run 21:1 event began its journey yesterday, 2nd June, in Fiji through Beijing, Delhi, Nairobi etc with runners doing their first mile. Every hour, the event will move westward until it finishes in Atlanta, US after 24 hours.

IAAF’s Run 24:1 with how different cities taking part in the event held their runs during the first half of the day.

More than just maids - Ultrarunners of Hong Kong

One thing that I love about running is that it is an equalizer. The colour of your skin, your economic status, gender etc don’t really matter so long as you can run. This is the case with the foreign maids of Hong Kong.

For many of them, life is tough and cases of mistreatment and prejudice are often. Some, however, have taken into trail and ultra running which has freed them up from this. When running, the sweat and camaraderie of the trails blur the lines between employers and maids, and among locals, migrants and expatriates.

The New York Times carries the story of how these domestic helps juggle their work and making time to run ultras.

Female running safety in a twitter thread

As a runner, how often do you run alone? Have you ever felt the need to have extra protection when going out for your run? This weekend a thread on Twitter started by Amanda Deibert asking how women protected themselves when running went viral. As of today it has over 60 thousand likes and has been re-shared more than 15 thousand times as women shared their tips and stories of vulnerability when running alone and even cases of harassment.

Here’s the thread, in case you missed it, for more tips on how you can protect yourself or partner as told from other female runners.

How exercise affects our memory

Last week, we let you in on how scientists confirmed through their research, what we all know - that exercise makes you happier. Well, another group of scientists have found out that even a single exercise can change how your brain functions and how well it recognises common names and similar information i.e semantic memory processing.

Scientists found out that the part of the brain responsible for semantic memory processing showed higher activity after a workout than after rest. According to them, this result was similar to how muscles strain and burn more energy when people begin exercising. As people get fitter, those same muscles respond more efficiently, using less energy for the same work. In the same way, the spike in brain activity after a session of biking is the prelude to tissue remodelling that, with continued exercise, improves the function of those areas. That is, our brain’s memory centers become fit.

The New York Times carries the results of the research and why you should keep on exercising.

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